How To Avoid Common Sources of Holiday Stress This Year

The holidays are upon us once again which means we will be heading out to gatherings of all kinds. We all love catching up with friends & family, eating delicious food and having fun but there is something else that comes with the holidays, stress. Here are some common sources of stress people have this time of the year and ways to cope with this emotion so you can continue to enjoy yourself this holiday season.

If you find yourself stressed about what to talk about at dinner, prepare some safe conversation starters prior to the event. It can be uncomfortable when people want to rant about vaccine mandates or ask intrusive questions like, "when are you going to start having kids?" While I am sure you have an opinion to express when they bring up these heated topics, a family gathering is not the place or time to get into a deep conversation. Make sure you have a few "I'm changing the subject now" questions ready to go that can help. An easy question to ask is "what are you watching these days?"

Supply chain issues are something we cannot get away from. To help alleviate the stress of shopping last minute or waiting on your packages arrive, make sure you get your shopping done early.

Sometimes it is hard to say no when invited to a holiday party but make sure you don't burn yourself out. Prioritize your sanity by allowing yourself to decline an invitation if your schedule is too full already.

Money is a huge stress during the holidays. Instead of over spending on buying gifts for everyone on your nice list, get creative. You can always craft a gift, bake or cook something or even give a meaningful photo in a frame. Remember, it is the thought that counts during this time of the year.

Expectations can be your downfall and no one likes to be disappointed. Not everything is going to be perfect and that is okay so cut yourself some slack. The most important part is that you will be spending time with people you love and care about!

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