Travel With Your Partner Without Ruining Your Relationship

This year many people will be hitting the road for the holidays and some will be traveling with their partner for the first time. This can be a great experience for the both of you but there are stresses that come with your first trip together. Everyone has their own travel style. Whether you are someone who likes to plan and pack early or someone who likes to get ready last minute heading to an unfamiliar place with your companion can be rough. These pointers can help you get through your first vacation together and still like each other at the end.

Don't overthink it! Just like everything in life, there is no perfect time for your first getaway. Don’t let some arbitrary time frame keep you from an experience with your partner, even if it’s around the holidays.

You only live once so take a chance! The dating app, Plenty of Fish, came out with its list of dating trends for 2021, which includes “baecationing.” They define it as “inviting a blind date or someone you just started dating on vacation.” Their poll of 67-hundred singles finds that 43% of Gen Z'ers have gone on a spontaneous vacation with someone they just got together with and you can, too. You will find out a lot about a person when in such close quarters!

Make sure you manage you expectations. This trip is going to be different than those you take with your family or friends. Be mindful of what they might want to do, see or eat on your trip. With both of you being involved with the planning of your vacation, you can make sure that you are destined to have a good time. Even if you disagree about small details, you’ll be bonding in a special way from the experience.

Communication is always key! When you are starting to make plans for your trip make sure you two discuss what you like to do when on vacation, how you like to travel and how early you like to get to the airport. This way there are no surprises the day of your trip, which will add unnecessary stress. Be open to talk about how you are feeling as well. If you are not having fun on your trip, try not to blame your partner but be open.

It is okay to take a break from all the togetherness. If the idea of 24/7 time together stresses you out, take the afternoon apart. Remember a good relationship takes patience, communication and sometimes even a little space.

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