How To Boost Your Happiness Naturally

People are always looking for ways to boost their happiness. Our "happy hormones" are delivered to us through a chemical messenger in our bodies called, serotonin. This chemical sends signals between different parts of the brain that can have an affect on emotions and your appetite. When your levels are properly balanced you will feel happier and more emotionally stable. When those levels are low you can feel irritable, anxious, depressed and it can even affect your sleep.

Try these psychologist recommended, science-backed tips to help promote the production of serotonin naturally.

Make sure you get plenty of sunlight. The sun provides you with vitamin D. Low levels of this vitamin have been linked to depression. Exposure to the sun can help increase this vitamin and boost production levels of serotonin, which can ease the symptoms of depression. Psychologist Dr. Sheva Assar explains, "It is believed that sunlight and subsequently vitamin D can influence our experience of positive emotions, protect from depressed mood and anxiety, as well as promote our energy and alertness."

Physical touch is a great way to feel better. Hugging and cuddling can influence the release of serotonin. Having a bad day? Try a hug and decrease that stress!

Start a gratitude journal. By taking time to reflect on your day you can focus on the things in your life that you appreciate. It can be anything that brings you joy. This can have a positive impact on how you view your life, your mental health and may increase the production of serotonin. By looking at life in this way regularly, you will start to feel happier.

Too much caffeine is not good for your mood. When you overdo it with coffee or other caffeinated beverages you will crash from the caffeine withdraw. This can drain your serotonin levels and have a negative impact on your mental health and over-all well-being, says Dr. Assar.

Load up on nutrient-rich foods and drinks. Psychologist, Dr. Rachel Goldman, says that many foods contain serotonin but your body also needs other nutrients like tryptophan and omega-3 fatty acids to produce it. By eating plenty of eggs, salmon, oats, cheese, nuts and seeds, pineapple and tomatoes you can help your body stay balanced. Avoid foods with artificial sweeteners since they restrict dopamine and serotonin production.

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