Questions You Should Be Asking On A First Date

Dating is a stressful endeavor and first dates can be intimidating. When meeting a new person you want to make sure you are gaining insight into what kind of person they can be but striking up a conversation can be troublesome. Relationship expert, James Thomas from Condoms.UK, suggests asking the right questions and gives a few recommendations.

Thomas says instead of asking generic questions about what their hobbies are try asking "What's your favorite way to relax?" You want to be able to "provide insight into their characteristics." This is also a great lead for a follow up question.

During the pandemic many people sat in front of the television. You could always ask "What was the last show you binge watched?" More than likely they have an answer for this and if not you will find out if they are or are not a T.V. person.

Find out what their food preferences are by asking "Do you have a 'signature' dish you love to cook?" This question will lead you to find out if they cook and what their favorite foods are to indulge in.

"What is something you want to learn?" Finding out what they are interested in can allow you to see if your interests are compatible. Thomas says you can learn if "their interests match with yours alongside their current priorities."

You can even dive a bit deeper by asking "If the world was ending tomorrow, what would you do?" Their response will show you more about their personality since this question takes some thought.

We have all used Amazon to purchase items. Try asking a light-hearted question like "What is the weirdest thing you've bought on Amazon?" You can find out about their shopping habits and it might lead into some fun conversation.

A great way to break the ice, as suggested by James Thomas, is asking "What is the best thing that has happened to you this week?" It can reveal what events big or small matter to your date.

He says these questions are just conversation starters. Don't let your date turn into an interview, let the conversation flow. For more details read the full article at

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