Forget About It--Not a Problem

Photo: Pierce, Corbin (uploader)

Many of us would like to forget 2020, and it might be possible since a recent study found the average American has 322 forgetful moments each year, or about six per week.There are many reasons we attribute to forgetting something: 45% of people say it’s their age, 38% cite multitasking and 33% blame modern technology.

The things we forget most include, a password (51%), items at the grocery store (51%), where I left my keys (49%), what I went into a room for (49%), people’s names after being introduced (47%), and a word on the tip of my tongue (46%).

The majority of those surveyed feel forgetting someone’s name is the worst mistake you can make, even more so than forgetting your significant other’s birthday.

Although these forgetful events can create some issues, 24% said they had a falling out with a family member or friend due to a forgetful moment and 17% said they actually got dumped for forgetting something.