Passion: My Story In Broadcasting To The Next Generation

One of the prouder moments of my career was to be invited to give the keynote speech at the Massasoit Radio and Digital Media Arts Conference last year at Radio Massasoit in Brockton, MA. That's not far from my hometown on Cape Cod, where I started by radio career in a similar community college setting. I was finally able to get my hands on a copy of the video to share with you.

It describes my amazingly satisfying career journey and destination at Majic. I'll warn you, it's about 22 minutes of me talking about me, to explain the passion I've always felt for what I do. That sets things up for the career advice I offer the students during the last 5 minutes.

It's cued up to the start of my speech, but if you want to rewind back, you'll hear remarks just prior from Linda Dorman, the widow of one of my radio idols and Rock & Roll Hall Of Famer Dale Dorman, who is a Boston radio legend. It's the two of them that you'll hear me referencing during my speech. Linda hugged me afterward and told me that I embodied Dale's spirit and passion for the business, and said she loved my speech. I was in heaven, and never more satisfied about anything in my radio life.



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