See Elton John Remember His Favorite Christmas Gift in Emotional New Ad


A U.K.-based retail known for its Christmas commercials went all out in a new two-minute spot centered around music icon Elton John.

The latest ad from retailer John Lewis takes us into Sir Elton's home during the Christmas season.

Elton is sitting at his piano, really feeling the Christmas spirit and all its resulting sentimentality. He plucks out a few notes, listening deeply as they ring out in his lavishly decorated living room. 

After a moment's pause, Elton brings his left hand to the keyboard and begins playing "Your Song." Memories come rushing back to the singer, as he thinks about his Farewell, Yellow Brick Road farewell tour and his myriad of successes through the decades. 

He flashes back through various performances in the '90s, '80s and '70s, back to recording the song for the first time.

We're then brought even further back to a teenage Elton, rocking a family party, then making mom proud at a school recital.

Then we come to Christmas morning, 1950. The most adorable version of Elton — 3-year-old Reginald Kenneth Dwight — bounds down the stairs on Christmas morning in his pajamas, knowing he's about to get a gift he's been waiting for all year. 

It's a piano! The same one 2018 Elton is playing at the beginning of the commercial. The one that set him on his path to being one of the most important songwriters and performers of the 20th century.

Then John Lewis hits us right in the mushiest part of the feels with the tagline: "Some gifts are more than just a gift."

Watch the full ad above!



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