Play Morning Show Feud With Chef Jim and Sous Chef Dave from Mr. Hero


This morning on Morning Show Feud, Dan from Downtown Cleveland teamed up with Chip Kullik to test his knowledge against Chef Jim and Sous Chef Dave from Mr. Hero. Dan was competing to win a Saturday Night Fever 40th Anniversary Blu-ray from Paramount Pictures.

  • In Alberta Canada, they are building the worlds largest marijuana growing facility. It will be as big as how many football fields?
  • The FAA estimates how many drones were sold in the Unite States in 2016?
  • Every minute, on average, how many hours of content are uploaded to YouTube?
  • Carlo Slim is the richest man of Mexico, what percentage of the New York Times Corporation does he own?
  • With a record set in April 2017, how many people were in the longest human domino chain?


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