As I looked outside at the driving wind and rain last night, I said to myself, "There's NO WAY kids will be out trick-or-treating". And, then I drifted off to "when-I-was-a-kid-land".

Yeah, that's where we look at kids today and see how wimpy we THINK they are compared to us. We used to trick-or-treat in THE SNOW! Yeah! There's no WAY these kids will get out there.

But, then it happened...

At 5:30, through the monsoon like conditions, I saw the first ghastly figures of the evening. A mom and dad pushing a stroller carrying a 2 year old dressed as "the cowardly lion". But, this baby was no coward... All smiles and giggles as I popped a couple "snack size" Kit Kats into the standard plastic pumpkin receptical.

"Tank-ooo", she said in the sweetest voice ever.

And, with that... It was on! Trick-or-treater after trick-or-treater, costumes soaking wet rolled right up my side walk, held out their pillowcases and laughed out loud, "Trick-Or-Treat!" 

And, that went on for an hour and a half. Just like every year. 

You see? It IS like when we were kids... Because all those kids who were running door to door with us are now... The parents. And, the PARENTS are passing on the fun. Great job, mom and dad... Great job!

Photos: Mark Nolan