OK, this really bothers me. Thought I'd share.

There must be some sort of bizarre thing in everyone’s contract at QVC that says the show must go on, BAR NONE.

This poor woman, QVC host Cassie Slane looked to be having a REAL health problem, and instead of cutting away COMPLETELY to a commercial or some sort of emergency music and a logo to get her some help, her co-host kept rambling, and the producers just cut to a close-up shot of the item with the price while they apparently propped her back up and she tried again in vain.

“OK NOW we’ll cut out,” right? Wrong!!! They stayed live, got her off and kept going... eventually replacing her with ANOTHER woman while the guy kept blabbing, not missing a beat!!! What’s wrong with these people??

Apparently Cassie’s OK now by the way, but THEY didn’t know that then!! They must not have, since for the rest of the segment no mention of the woman that just passed out in front of their viewers.  So irresponsible!!

Instructionally here: Cassie starts to have issues at 1:30, Comes back at about 3 minutes in, but only makes it to 4:10. Then they stay with him and replace her with a new host at 5:40. That’s how it’s done folks.