You know, it’s not only women who like to be flattered. Us guys like to hear that we look nice, and that we're wanted and appreciated too. Here's a number of things Brie Schwartz from redbook magazine figured out her man like to hear...

  • "You look handsome" (I'm not vain, but nice to hear)
  • "Thank you" (Most women are polite, but not all)
  • "I trust you" (That's huge)
  • "I'm on your side" (Many of us guys REALLY need to hear that)
  • "I'm listening" (That's a personal pet peeve of mine, gotta pay attention)
  • "Good morning. Let's get frisky!" (Hopefully she says it better than that)
  • "I'm sorry" (Another huge one for me, and OWN it)
  • "Your friends are fun" (Only if they really are - haha)
  • "You look buff" (That one would be a lie, in my case, but I'm getting there.)
  • "You make me better" (Everyone would love to hear that)

Brie fills these out in detail in the article here.