(Green Township) - Police in Wayne County have arrested a male suspect in the death of Reann Murphy. Twenty-four-year-old Jarrod Metsger is expected to be arraigned tomorrow morning.

Police are being very tight lipped about the case, but evidence is being processed by the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Identification in Richfield.

Sheriff Travis Hutchinson says Metsger is a neighbor who lived nearby, and that has shaken many in this tight knit community.

Nine year Reann Murphy, who was reported missing about 8:30 Saturday night near her Wayne County home, was found dead about 1:30 Sunday morning in a dumpster near her home.  

Murphy was playing in a park in the 5900 block of Akron Road in Green Township when she vanished.  

Hutchinson says any violent death is troubling but the death of a child in this fashion is more so, especially during the holiday season.

On Monday night a coroner's report showed Murphey died from strangulation.

(Picture courtesy of the Wayne County Sheriff's Office)

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