(Tallmadge) - Tallmadge Police have confirmed the bodies of a woman and a boy found behind a home on Stone Creek Drive over the weekend are those of 31-year old Wendy Ralston and her 5-year old son Peyton.  

The pair was reported missing August 7 by Ralston's mother.  Tallmadge Police Lt. Ron Williams says the last time Ralston was heard from was July 23 in a post on Facebook.  

It's believed Ralston and her son were last seen in late July, their bodies found Aug. 10 in a wooded area behind their home. The causes of death remain unknown, according to Lt. Williams.

Ralston's 39-year old live-in boyfriend has been determined to be a 'person of interest' in the case although he is not being called a suspect. The boyfriend has been 'very cooperative', according to investigators.  

Lt. Williams says there have been a number of domestic contacts from the home in the past. Williams says it's a double homicide investigation and that there is evidence the murders may have taken place in the home.

Police are pouring through evidence taken from the home and the wooded area where the victims were found.  Two vehicles were taken from the home into evidence.

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