(Cleveland)--Cleveland Police are investigating a breaking-and-entering at Cleveland Fire Station No. 41 on East 116th Street.

Officers were called to the station about 1030pm Friday, where they found a glass panel door had been broken, and there was blood on the panel.

They were told a man had been trying to open the door when it broke, and he fled.

A short time later, police received calls of a man, allegedly stabbed, near East 116th and Forest.  The man matched the description of the person who tried to break into the fire house.

An ambulance was dispatched, but the man apparently gave inconsistent stories to emergency medical workers about how he got his cuts and lacerations.

He admitted that he went to the fire house looking for help.

Police say that the man will be a named suspect in the B&E, but charges have not yet been filed because of his medical condition.

The injured would-be burglar is being treated at Metro Health Medical Center.

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