(Cleveland) - The federal government shutdown is in its' 8th day with no apparent end in sight.  

The shutdown is having a major impact on government services and agencies and one of those greatly affected is the WIC Program, or Women, Infant and Childrens' Program.  

The program serves nine million low income mothers in the U.S. including more than 30 thousand moms in Cuyahoga County.  Those local mothers stand to lose benefits in the near future.  

In light of the shutdown, Metro Health Medical Center's WIC office is funding the program with money it has on hand, but Cuyahoga County Executive Ed FitzGerald says the program's benefits will cease to the local moms if the shutdown carries on.

FitzGerald says the money could be exhausted in just a couple of weeks unless Congress can come to terms on a deal.  

WIC offers moms food, baby formula and other essential items for their children. The mothers also have acess to pre-natal services under the program.  

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