(Cleveland) - Gasoline prices are already starting to fall in the Greater Cleveland area, and one expert predicts we might see $3.10 a gallon between now and Halloween.

“While past performance is never an absolute indicator of future price positions, a review of recent history gives us good reason to expect prices to fall between now and Halloween, by between 20-to-25 cents per gallon,” reveals Gregg Laskoski of ClevelandGasPrices.com.

Laskoski says we usually see prices decline along with demand in autumn and it's possible some stations might sell petrol as low at $3.00 a gallon.

In addition to falling demand, Laskoski tells Newsradio WTAM 1100, refineries continue to run at peak capacity, tensions have lessened in the Middle East, and no major hurricanes have hit the U.S. this season.

Laskoski is concerned about the weak U.S. dollar. He explains that a falling dollar usually pushes up crude oil prices.
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