(Cleveland)- A terrifying and turbulent plane ride for passengers on a United flight to Cleveland from New York.

A valve fell off the plane and it has to make an emergency landing in Columbus.

Nicki Hyland says her Monday night flight was delayed because of the weather, and when flight 4780 finally took off they were unable to land at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport.

Hyland tells Newsradio WTAM 1100, after flying in circles trying to find a place to land, the pilot announced they were going to touch down in Columbus.

Hyland says it was a very bumpy ride with lots of turbulence.

She says the flight attendant was nervous, a woman had a panic attack and two passengers vomited. She also says others held hands and prayed.

When the plane landed in Columbus, Hyland says they were told a valve fell off the wing.

Hyland says she is a frequent flier, but this was the scariest ride she ever experienced.

She was offered a $75 certificate or extra frequent flier miles as compensation.