(Cleveland) - A guilty plea Monday from 49-year old convicted sex offender Elias Acevedo Sr. at the Justice Center in downtown Cleveland.

Acevedo pleaded guilty to the the 1994 murder of his neighbor, Pamela Pemberton, and 18 year old Christina Adkins who disappeared from her W. 25 street neighborhood which Acevedo also called home.

Adkins' remains were found in October near a utility vault near I-71, I-90 and I-490 on Cleveland's near westside.

She was five months pregnant when she went missing in January, 1995. Acevedo pleaded guilty to 297 charges.

The murder counts in the Adkins and Pemberton cases not withstanding, Acevedo also pleaded guilty to the rapes of three children and the rape of a woman in 1993. Acevedo was sentenced to 445 years with no chance for parole.

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