(Sandusky) - Cedar Point has turned some members of the media upside down!

The park debuted GateKeeper Thursday, the new winged roller coaster that takes guests on a ride unlike anything else at the park. Opening this weekend, the mammoth ride is the longest winged roller coaster in the world and boasts the longest drop of any winged coaster on the planet!

GateKeeper dramatically flies above the main entrance to the park, passing over arriving guests with rolling flyover maneuvers. Riders will twice narrowly slot through new front gate portals and slide by buildings for near miss excitement.

GateKeeper  features Sunset Gold trains with coaches that extend out sideways from the track, exposing riders to nothing above or below them, simulating the feeling of flight.

(Photos by Josh Riley/WTAM 1100)="default">

“GateKeeper’s world-record-breaking statistics, incredible flying maneuvers and special elements make it a unique coaster experience,” stated Cedar Point General Manager John Hildebrandt. “GateKeeper is a roller coaster only Cedar Point can build and we are proud to add it to our incredible lineup of world-class attractions.”

Designed by world-renowned coaster manufacturer Bolliger & Mabillard, Monthey, Switzerland, a ride along the 4,164 feet of dark and light blue steel tubular track on GateKeeper will take about 2 minutes and 40 seconds.

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