(Cleveland) – Mayor Frank Jackson outlined the city's safety strategy for the approaching summer months when young people will be out of school.

Jackson says the city is hiring 25 new police officers to specifically addressed violence and gun crimes. Many will be working in the troubled 4th and 5th Districts and the mayor says their activities will include "profiling" to prevent crimes before they happened.

Police Chief Michael McGrath says the department is also graduating a class of 40 police cadets, who will soon join the force, plus a class of 24 lateral cadets starts on Monday and because they are already experienced officers from other cities, they will be ready for street duty in 2 months.

McGrath says the department is not creating any new crime fighting programs, but will continue to its STANCE and V-GRIP efforts, which targets trouble spots.

McGrath admits one of the toughest problems is getting guns out of the hands of young people.

The city will also continue its crime prevention efforts, through recreation programs that reach out to at-risk children.

Safety director Martin Flask says city fire trucks are now equipped with advanced life support in case of critical emergencies.

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