(Cleveland) - In honor of Flag Day, Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown is calling on the federal government to purchase only American-made U.S. flags.

Brown joined veterans on board the USS COD to announce the reintroduction of the All-American Flag Act.

“American flags should be American-made,” Brown said. “It is the right way to honor our veterans and it is the right way to support American workers and businesses. With Ohio companies proudly producing the American flag, taxpayer funds should not be used to purchase those made in other countries. The All-American Flag Act of 2013 would ensure that the government buys flags that are entirely produced with American-made materials.”

In 2011, Brown first introduced the All-American Flag Act, which the Senate passed unanimously. The Federal government is currently required to purchase flags made from 50 percent American-made materials; the legislation would require the government to buy flags that are entirely produced with American-made materials.

Brown, a member of the U.S. Senate Committee on Veterans’ Affairs, was joined on the deck of the USS COD by U.S. Navy Submarine Force veteran Bill Henderson of Aurora, a Submarine Veterans COD Base 1st Vice Commander.

“I understand the concepts of fair trade and global economy,” Henderson said. “But the idea of the American Navy, Army, Marines, Air Force, Coast Guard, and U.S. government institutions serving under a United States flag made overseas would be like this submarine flying an American flag made in Japan, and that is simply wrong. If our flag flies over an American ship or a vet’s grave at a federal cemetery, it should be American made. It’s as simple as that.”

According to the most recent U.S. Census Bureau statistics, Brown says the value of American flags imported into the United States last year was $3.8 million—including $3.6 million from China. The All-American Flag Act would support American workers and businesses, including RS Sewing from Canton, the largest supplier of American Made Stick Flags.

USS COD is a U.S. Fleet submarine from World War II. Now a National Historic Landmark, the USS COD is docked in the North Coast Harbor of Lake Erie and is maintained and operated as a memorial to the more than 3,900 submariners who lost their lives during the 100 year history of the United States Navy Submarine Force.

(Photos by WTAM's Ken Robinson)

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